Michelle's Homemade Crafts

My Crafts

A multi-talented crafter, I specialize in quilting, knitting and crocheting. I employ a variety of materials and use many craft skill sets. I'm constantly learning new techniques and starting new projects.

Michelle has also worked with plastic canvas, ceramics and many other craft forms.

My Quilts

I use a variety of quilting techniques, from traditional to modern quilting, often combining more than one technique in a project. The huge variety of fabrics and patterns provides endless options for quilting projects.

Oriental Express Quilt

My Oriental Express quilt (shown here) placed fourth in the advanced division at the 2009 West Shore Quilt Show.

Michelle's “Oriental Express” quilt

Smaller Projects

I enjoy quilting, but don't have the room to store the fabric or to work with larger items, so I mostly do smaller projects like baby quilts and wall hangings.

Various Techniques

I've worked with a number of techniques including reverse appliqué, stained glass and cathedral windows as well as art quilts.

Customized & Hand-made

All my quilts are hand-made and are created in a variety of styles, each uniquely customized.

Use Only Quality Materials

Fabrics used in quilting projects must be of better quality than other projects so that they will retain their colours and not fade. It is important that you consider the impact of sunlight and heat on quilts as well.

Dye Lots Vary

Availability, quality and dye lots vary. If you don't obtain everything you need all at once for your project at a single source that you can trust, you may be unable to obtain the matching materials later.

Quilting Resources

Craftgal strongly recommends The Cloth CastleYour One Stop Sewing and Quilt Shop.


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Michelle has crocheted for many years.

While she has learned to knit using modified techniques, it is more difficult because of damage to her hands and arms.

Crocheted items have included pillows, tea cozies, pot holders, dish cloths and much more.

Crocheted Dolls

More recently, Michelle has been creating a wide variety of crocheted dolls and animals.

Michelle's “Sunshine Bear” crocheted animal

Sunshine Bear Doll

Michelle's “nurse and doctor” crocheted dolls

Nurse and Doctor Doll

The dolls shown above were intended for adults. Children's dolls have crocheted eyes rather than sewn-on eyes (small parts may cause choking).


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Updated: July 27, 2020